Re-occuring tasks

In between projects, i sometimes reminisce and then start analysing how my workflow was, so I can be a better designer. Time is always a factor. And for mb2020, I was a one woman army with 53 webpages to layout and design all the content to. Incredibly I also had to make it, working halftime because my minifinia was fairly new in daycare.  A month after, the website went live. What a rush that was ;-)

A lot of Photoshopping went on at that time. Here is an examples.

One of many occuring tasks

I often have to make huge edits, when the material isn't from the same event and photographer. Here is quick view, behind the scenes. A color photo in the works, to look like this one:

Photographer:  Carsten Andersen

Photographer: Carsten Andersen

Here we go!

Photoshopping a portrait, to have the same vibe as the above. This image has to look like it came from the same batch. Layers, masks, light, tone... An eye for details and knowhow. Here we go:


And the end product: (sorry for the danish politician. No politics intended)

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