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Re-occuring tasks

In between projects, i sometimes reminisce and then start analysing how my workflow was, so I can be a better designer. Time is always a factor. And for mb2020, I was a one woman army with 53 webpages to layout and design all the content to. Incredibly I also had to make it, working halftime because my minifinia was fairly new in daycare.  A month after, the website went live. What a rush that was ;-)

A lot of Photoshopping went on at that time. Here is an examples.

One of many occuring tasks

I often have to make huge edits, when the material isn't from the same event and photographer. Here is quick view, behind the scenes. A color photo in the works, to look like this one:

Photographer:  Carsten Andersen

Photographer: Carsten Andersen

Here we go!

Photoshopping a portrait, to have the same vibe as the above. This image has to look like it came from the same batch. Layers, masks, light, tone... An eye for details and knowhow. Here we go:


And the end product: (sorry for the danish politician. No politics intended)

Feel free to get intouch if you are thinking 'bout getting a new sleek website, or need graphic content.
Go to:

Sharpen and shape-up

Platform: CMS, Squarespace
Service: Sharpening existing website

– New fonts, stronger headlines, cleaner area for partnerlogos. From one colonne layout to two and three. Designing images for banner use and a place for Asger to highlight his content. His work is based upon people from all groups. The design should reflect just that. Clean, classic & colorful.



Putting visuals to soundmakers

Client: Lydvæ
Products: Logo, banner art, layout, responsive webdesign and setting up mailsignatur.
Platform: CMS, Squarespace

Onepage design with grey, blue and green.

Backgrounds for the sites banner areas.

Old images taken further – made more gritty and dusty. These hold no copyright, because of their age. That way, my clients budget, stretched a bit longer;-) Getting the message across with the help of icons and a dap of color.

Logo design and it's variants. Always thinking longterm, so if Lydværftet decides to expand from web to offline media, the design still holds and isn't confined! 

From diapers and drool & back to to design

A whole Year - and then some - went by on maternity leave. Now I'm Back! Ready, steady (nah forget that), GO!

Nonconfinia designed a minifinia & was on maternity leave up until september 2015. Then shortly after, got the coolest design projects from MusicBusiness 2020: A VIP event 'Superliga Soundboard' and a new website. We went for a One-page- and parallax scroll, sharp and clean design and content designed by nonconfinia. Launched february 5. Visit the good and very talented people from


Material designed for mb2020's event Superliga Soundboard 

mb2020's old website



New world citizen

This little beautiful wonder was born July 1st.
A baby Girl! And for a whole year, it's all about family, diapers, drool and lots of love ;)

I am on maternity leave untill september 2015. 
Ciao for now!


Branding of Danish Music Agency is part of DMF and a bookingbureau. Their old site was stuck back in the 1990's and needed a facelift! It wasn't responsive on any viewport, and that doesn't work in the age of smartphones... I changed that and designed a whole new visual identity - online and offline. Coded by Mediastyle. 


Paperline, newsletter banner, logo design
& 3 different badges to put on the website front page

Screenshots of old website

Drummer in need of a platform

A responsive website for a musician. I took pictures of every essential tool, he uses as a musician, in his daily life, and made a collage of it. 

Coded from a blank template in Wordpress. Rasmus already choose Wordpress, so I just tore down all CSS and began setting up the layout. Background collage, icons... All made from scratch. Waiting for more content - Visit Rasmus' page.

Skærmbillede 2014-01-16 kl. 19.51.47.png

Original stretched to fit content, and still show every tool in the steel pan. On the right; original piece.

Somethings cookin'...

I am over the moon and so excited about this new project

– that I have to share it. (even though i can't show everything yet). I am illustrating, sketching, planning and designing on a new cover. It's a cool band with very ear-catching melodies for children and most certainly also for adults! I was with them, showing my support, lending a helping hand at their debut concert. Here is a sneak-peak:

Danish music duo MO:SS

iPhone screenshot of the playlist from Radio P2


[insert name here] and nonconfinia have joined forces!

We are producing electronica music and our track called "Dark Passenger" is going to be out on a compilation. Released during the LAK Festival, running from September 26 – 29. We got some airplay on Danish Radio P2 "Natsværmeren". 

Feel free to visit us on Facebook or our modest website. Buy the track and support our work
– get it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.